Meet the Team

Founded by Stuart Jackson, Derek Scimingeour, and Amanda Madden, we believe that Your Natural Leaders is a truly special approach and place to experience the essence of your leadership.

Meet The Founders

Stuart has developed and honed his skills for many years leading one of the UK’s leading behaviour change consultancies, ICE Creates, working with many organisations large and small, national to multinational. Stuart is an executive coach and uses these skills to support clients as they face the most challenging and turbulent times of change. His work sees him strategically supporting organisations, helping them to understand and develop the future OD plans for their organisations. He believes in a fundamental approach based on the three pillars of strong and trusting relationships with colleagues, strong and mutually rewarding relationships with clients and partners, and building life-changing programmes that are effective and deliver real value to organisations, communities and individuals.

Derek one of the UK's most popular trainers of sheepdogs, using his own distinctive method as described in his book and videos he is a champion in his own right, also a breeder of the well known Killiebrae sheepdogs. He is a successful competitor and judge of trials at local, national and international level, and has appeared on BBC's One Man and His Dog. Derek's passion for dogs, sheep and people is a unique combination and people who have worked with and been supported by Derek will tell you of how captivating Derek is in the sessions!