Natural Leaders provides an opportunity for unique gathering of discovery – both personal and within teams – through the power of proven behavioural science and man’s best friend.
Read on as we shine a spotlight on what our partners have to say about their experience, what they took away and how the experience has shaped their future for the better.

Michael Pemberton, Chief Executive Officer,


As with previous experiences, the team at Ice were superb, understanding the business, our aspirations and challenges, the team that drive it forward and our values and behaviours. Using this awareness, ICE built a programme of events that were both enlightening, reflective, refreshing and rejuvenating. It is without doubt that the day supported our understanding of where we need to grow as a team and individuals. It provided confidence that we are making a difference and that as a team we are positive, resourceful, energetic, committed, kind, trustworthy and empathetic. The hospitality enjoyed on the day was second to none, the food and nourishment provided was home cooked, wholesome and lived long on the tastebuds. In the words of Oliver……more, more please!

Emma, Business Development Manager ,

Community Action Wirral

Thanks to the team at ICE for creating such a wonderful place to explore ideas. I’ve got some big plans for the years ahead and I’m certain that my time on the Natural Leaders course will prove to be an important step on our journey.

Marie Nowlen, Sales Manager ,


Following our two day strategy event, I wanted to thank you for the impact Natural leaders and your team has had, As a sales team we hadn’t realised how much untapped potential we had, the time with you in both the field and the barn lead us to new places, discovering powerful technics with regards to non verbal communication for both our team, with each other and our customers and quite what the impact of unrecognised pressure can have our decision making, who know how much we are governed by our sub conscious self. 3 months on and I can honestly say we are referring back to our experience on a daily basis and using our new tools ways of work to help us achieve our goals.

Lisa Jackson, Senior Director ,

Hello Future

Thank you for our day with you, al of the team had the best time, as you know we work with young people and schools to help and aspire them, we left full of vison and energy that I know will transfer to the young people we support. I know a number of the team had concerns about what we would be doing, everyone has commented on how much they enjoyed the day, as a highlight the working with Hannah and the dogs, the modelling session of each of us at our best and the feedback of the insights where particularly important to us. Thank you.

Ed Lamb, Design & Digital Marketer,

Rethink Now CIC

The two days I spent on the Natural Leaders course exceeded my expectations and then some. What a venue! I hadn’t really known what was in-store. The sheep herding will live long in the memory, but the real highlight was the time away from my laptop to gain some clarity on where I’m headed and what I need to do to achieve ‘success’. The Clean Language questioning brought some ideas out of me that I didn’t know were in there.

David Rowlands, Consultant Gynecologist,

Wirral University Teaching Hospital

From Natural Leaders I’ve learnt that you need to allow time for pausing and time for reassessing situations. Most importantly, this experience has helped us all to stay focused and not lose sight of the goal – it’s with us in every decision that we make.

Mike Chantler, Assistant Director of Communications and Engagement,

NHS Wirral

It was great to get away with my colleagues and form relationships with people I don’t get to see every day. It’s a safe environment that encouraged us to share real thoughts that we probably all have but don’t always feel comfortable enough to say. From this we were able to commit to action and we’re all connected to the same purpose going forward.

Fiona Stobart, Chief Executive,

Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland

It gives you a different perspective on how others lead and actually makes you reflect on how you lead yourself

Angela Porter, Director Of Business Development & Marketing ,

East Midlands Leadership Academy

The learning experience provided valuable insight into our team, our individual qualities and facilitated an excellent bonding opportunity.

Karen Booth, HR Systems Support Officer,

Carlisle City Council

Having never done anything like this before we found the experience thought provoking and fun! Lovely food to boost!! Thank you to the Red Shepherdess for letting us use Fraser.

Wayne Smith, Director of IT & Information Security,

Birmingham Airport

I had high expectations for the leadership day with Natural Leaders, but I have to say that these were far exceeded and the day itself was far more valuable, insightful and enjoyable than I could have imagined.

Debbie Draper, Person Centered Approaches Programme Manager,

East Midlands Leadership Academy

I just want to say thank-you for a fabulous day. I confess that there were times when I thought ‘what am I doing in this field? But on reflection, I can really see the point. I have been thinking and reflecting on the insight I gained about my leadership style, and what I need to work on and develop. The active-learning exercises – particularly working with the sheep and talking about who we are at our best was so helpful. I came away with an appreciation that I work with such a great team of people on the project, and learning so much from them.

Gini McClure, HR Adviser,

Carlisle City Council

It was such a different, yet brilliant, concept learning in nature, surrounded by the gorgeous landscape with some lovely animals – and of course the people!

Julian Parsons, Head of Service Delivery,

Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service

It’s in the most fantastic setting, a really, really interesting day. You’re there in front of a bunch of peers, a sheepdog and some sheep and you’re expected to make things happen – and wow, it happens.”

Hilda Yarker, Communications Consultant,

Your Housing Group

I know that the majority of our 12-strong team had mixed ideas in terms of what lay ahead as the day began; never in their wildest imagination did they envisage how interesting, challenging and thought provoking it would be.

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