What we do

Modern leadership is becoming more collaborative and transparent. Now, there is a need for leaders who can create working environments where people want to belong, linking purpose to values and beliefs.  This demands a different set of skills; communicating, interacting and nurturing performance relationship within an organisation, network and social system.

“Your Natural Leaders is a leadership development programme, which will help you understand the impact you have on other people.” – Stuart Jackson

We will demonstrate how you can develop strategies and tactic to enhance the effectiveness of your people skills. As a leader we know how important rapport, trust and flexibility are in everyday life and work.



What we often miss is the understanding of our body language and models (values and beliefs) and their impact on communication. It will deepen your understanding, show you how to make best use of your unique attributes and give you new strategies for controlling your risk areas.

“We provide a superb practical way to understand what it takes to be a great leader – through vivid experience rather than a textbook or lecture”

What will happen?

You will experience a day or two in the company of our fully trained, fun loving sheepdogs learning just the skills of working a trained dog but how they are trained, their history, their future and their adaptability.

This is a hands-on, practical programme that creates a supportive safe learning environment in which you can examine and discuss the challenges and successes you face in the day-to-day leadership and management of your teams and staff.

You will start to understand the different personalities of dogs and sheep will change the dynamics of you as a leader a communicator and an individual. You will recognise and overlay this from your day –to-day work and life and develop strategies and tactics to become a more effective as a leader and person.