Why it works

Good and effective leadership is about earning authority through understanding and trust. You get this by building rapport and gaining respect rather than through authority and power.

This is a new and unique form of leadership development using sheepdogs and sheep based on behavioural science, appreciative clean leadership and values led performance.

It uses:

  • - Emotional intelligence
  • - Body language
  • - Coaching
  • - Real life scenarios


As human beings, we work best by empowering and managing our limbic emotional system. It is specifically designed to engage and support how we are both biologically and psychologically.

Works of Eisenberger and Lieberman came up with the hypothesis that human beings evolved the link between social connection and physical discomfort – ‘To a mammal being socially connected to a caregiver is necessary for survival

This is also essential between Shepherd and Dog. This same relationship also presents an enormous challenge to leaders and managers. Our exchange is not just economical labour for financial compensation. People who feel betrayed or unrecognised at work for example when they are given work or projects that seem beneath them, or perhaps they don’t get the pay rise or promotion they were expecting – experience a neutral impulse that is as powerful and painful as a blow to the head.


This study, and many others have made one thing very clear; the human brain is a social organ. Its physiological and neurological reactions are directly linked and profoundly shaped by social interaction.

Leaders who understand this dynamic can more effectively engage teams, create strategies that release the best talents and create environments that foster productive change – What we like to call the ‘Natural Leaders Way