What We Do

We are a leadership, teams and strategy development centre of excellence. Working alongside our world-class behavioural experts, highly trained working dogs and Herdwick sheep, Natural Leaders is a powerful accelerator experience, designed and built to solve these challenges as your team reconnect with each other, utilising the power and forces of nature. Powered by ICE Creates and using our inherent understanding and application of human centred behavioural development, Natural Leaders is a world class development programme tailored to examine and propel your organisation’s leaders, teams and strategy in a way like no other.

The Environment
Set in the Cumbrian landscape, away from existing hierarchies and structures, Natural Leaders offers a supportive and safe environment for people to unpack and design new ways for leading themselves and leading others, working as teams and creating cutting edge strategy. The immersive action learning experience allows you and your team to strip yourself back and design your most effective performance.

Every Natural Leaders experience is bespoke to you. We know that you, and your teams, are individual and special and so your development is unique and special. Our commitment is to develop an experience with you that will bring clarity, confidence and the right skills to release the Natural Leader and team player in you.

Your Natural Leaders experience will accelerate and create high performing new ideas and outcomes through actionable strategies and tactics. Its impact is instant and drives change long-term.

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How It Works

Energy is central to you achieving your ambitions; learning to use it wisely and effectively is vital to success. Imagine your energy is not just your physical and spoken language, but in fact it’s your thoughts, emotions and body language and it happens without you being aware.

Picture working in a team where a key member of your team is faster, more agile and knows the audience way better than you, and only when those thoughts, emotions and body language are entirely coherent will you get the best performance and efficiency from everyone involved. To be the best you have to manage yours and others energy and focus it at what matters. This is how Natural Leaders works.

Why it works …
We realised that the relationship created between a shepherd, their dog and the sheep have a very close resemblance to that of human to human relationships. Our dogs quickly and accurately read body language and tonal communication and act as an almost perfect mirror to the person they are working with. Our sheep also react sensitively but safely to the environment they are in. This gives leaders an extremely safe and fun yet highly effective place to develop themselves and their teams.

Our experts in human centred design work with you to identify your objectives and develop a focused and personal programme. Every Natural Leaders experience is based on specific and bespoke requirements as we realise that the nature and characteristics of teams and leaders are inherently different, yet we are all human.

We facilitate a powerful action-based learning experience, utilising the open fields and man’s best friend – the working sheepdog – to provide the space and tools to give you the time and space to re-assess behaviours with a focus on developing transformational and adaptive leadership styles. The beauty of Natural Leaders is that you can immediately and safely put into practice what you have learnt and gain confidence to be ready to implement new ways of work into your work and business environment.

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Book of Ra Deluxe

What You Get

  • Result Orientated
  • Power to face New Challenges
  • Instant Learning that Grows Long After
  • Translation into Real Business Situations
  • Re-energise, reconnect & spark something new for you and your teams.
Your Natural Leaders experts will produce a series of agreed outcomes that will be used by you and your team to guide your journey forward:

Result Orientated
You’ll focus on the here and now; immediate feedback on the teams/individual’s beliefs,
communication and behavioural patterns. Responses are real and rapid, no opportunity for trickery, smooth talking or jargon. Just clear and united direction.

Power to face New Challenges
Sheepdogs have a profound way of challenging, providing a unique opportunity for individuals and teams to observe in a non-critical safe environment what works and what doesn’t.

Instant Learning that Grows Long After
You have immediate insight on dynamics, management & leadership style, communication skills, self-awareness and cohesion.

Translation into Real Business Situations
Translating this programme back to the workplace couldn’t be easier. Our Sheepdogs have a high positive impact with the take-away of total recall when back in the workplace, at home or in leisure … when you least expect it.

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