About us

Our world class experts

Our world-class leadership behavioural experts & highly trained working dogs help organisations improve their leadership talent, strategic thinking & team performance. We’re rebels with a cause to unlock latent energy and capabilities. Everything we do is underpinned by rigorous, relevant research by some of the best academics and thinkers in industry today.

“As a team we hadn’t realised how much untapped potential we had,
discovering powerful technics with non-verbal communication,
what the impact of unrecognised pressure can have our decision making.
3 months on and I can honestly say we are referring to our experience daily
and using our new tools to help us achieve our goals” 

Senior Leader Lilly 

What drives us

We’re wholehearted…

…about sharing our knowledge and confidence in everything we do:

  • Our drive and energy are contagious, inspiring, and liberating those around us to do and be more than they thought possible.

  • We care about understanding other’s challenges to help them thrive

  • Energising leaders and teams to align and achieve more is our north star

  • We care about the impact our work has on organisations, people, communities and the world.

We’re visionary

We don’t just think about solving problems; we do it.

  • We hold ourselves to the high standards of quality and creativity in pursuit of our vision to provide an innovative, immersive and transformational experience.

  • We are progressive and reframing leadership and team development to be impactful, practical and lasting.

  • We constantly learn and challenge ourselves about everything we do to optimise your experience and outcomes.

We’re energised

We bring energy, science, and heritage together to create development programmes that are life changing.

  • We’re energised by breaking new ground, rising to the challenge, and innovating to create positive change for leaders, their team and society.

  • We are energised by using our collective expertise to activate practical action for leaders and teams.

  • We are creative thinkers, exploring and validating new techniques, ideas, science-backed tools to deliver truly powerful programmes.

Meet our team

Stuart Jackson
Amanda Madden
Red Shepherdess
Nina Gavin
Ian Jackson
Ethan Kinney

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