What do I get?

Natural Leaders brings new insights to people, thoughts spring up, enabling you to change perspective, generate new ideas and practice them. It creates real understanding of different work practices and new connections, it’s the catalyst to change and accelerate your future, right now.

You will leave with clarity and confidence to use fantastic tools and technics as leaders, with loads of practical application throughout your natural leaders experience. Taking away an unbelievable deepening of relationships with both yourself and your team.

Our team of experts are the sages, and your guides, they have created Natural Leaders to make a crucial difference in how you and your team solve problems, lead with clarity and begin to collaborate more powerfully every day.

Our experts, the highly trained working dogs, and sheep combine to reveal more about how we communicate, lead, think and connect, all within the inspiring surroundings of the Cumbrian fells. 

Here magic happens. Teams align on a clear purpose. Mindsets change. Inspiration sparks action. And the gap between where you are and where you want to be closes.

Natural Leaders energises daring leaders to create legendary teams and organisations.

Our experts in human centred design work with you to identify your objectives and develop a focused and tailored programme. Every Natural Leaders experience is based on specific and bespoke requirements as we realise that the nature and characteristics of teams and leaders are inherently different, yet we are all human. Your Natural Leaders experts will produce a series of agreed outcomes that will be used by you and your team to guide your journey forward:

Results orientated

You focus on the here and now; getting immediate feedback on people’s drivers, their beliefs, communication style and under pressure behaviour patterns. Working together to design the at your best, way of working to play to everyone’s strengths.

“Responses are real and rapid, no opportunity for trickery, smooth talking or jargon. Just clear and united commitment to the same direction.”

Power to face new challenges

The interplay of the environment, people and novel experience have a profound and safe way of challenging. Providing a unique opportunity for people to observe, in a non-critical and secure way, what works and what doesn’t. 

“You are able to experiment and practice safely and quickly, being confident to take it into everyday work.”

Instant learning that grows

Packed with immediate insight and design ideas on team dynamics, management & leadership styles, communication skills, self-awareness and cohesion, your development journey is accelerated.

“The novel experience supports total recall when back in the workplace or home – often when you least expect it and need it most.”

Translating into real life

The new awareness unlocked from our novel experience’s aligned to the tools and technics from behavioural science, support you to change how you act, where to put pressure and how to unlock people’s skills and experience.

“Translating Natural Leaders back into the workplace couldn’t be easier.”

“It gives you a different perspective on how others lead
and actually makes you reflect on how you lead yourself”

CEO Hospice Charity

Every leader, team and organisation have an opportunity, let us help you find yours. Tell us about the future that can’t wait for you.

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